Number Bonds Worksheets

Looking for worksheets to practice Number Bonds?  Click below for printable Number Bond Worksheets

Number Bonds Worksheets – Addition 1-10

Number Bonds Worksheets

Number Bonds Worksheets for Addition 1-10.

Number Bonds: Understanding Part-Part-Whole Relationships, Addition 1-10 contains a series of worksheets that are intended to help students in grades K-2 develop a deep understanding of part-part-whole relationships and addition. They follow a concrete – pictorial – abstract learning progression, which has been shown to help build better number sense. For each number, students will have the opportunity to explore addition facts concretely, pictorially and abstractly. The goal is to ensure students build both fluency and understanding.

The Number Bond Workseets contained in this download allow students to explore part-part-whole relationships and addition fact families through the number 10.

For each number students will:
- Concretely use snap-cubes (2 colors) to explore parts that equal a whole.
- Color the squares on the number bonds worksheet to show the
part-part-whole relationship they have constructed with their
snap cubes.
- Pictorially represent the part-part-whole relationship using a
number bond.
- Abstractly represent the part-part-whole relationship using a
number sentence.

These number bond worksheets are ideal for use as an extension to a Singapore math program or to supplement any math program.


Number Bond Worksheet

Number Bonds Blank Worksheet

Worksheet contains 12 blank number bonds

This worksheet provides 12 blank number bonds. Students can use them to pictorially represent part-part-whole relationships. Ideal for use with Singapore math programs or to develop a deeper understanding of addition and subtraction in K-2.






FREE Large Number Bond

Large Number Bond Worksheet

Worksheet contains one large number bond

This template displays 1 large blank number bond. It is ideal for students to use with math manipulatives, such as unifix / snap-cubes, to explore part-part-whole relationships in grades K-2.

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